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Fever...in the morning, fever all through the night... - nobody said there would be days like these [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Fever...in the morning, fever all through the night... [Dec. 19th, 2004|11:18 am]
[Current Mood |calmcalm]

Okay, show of hands, who is sick of this holiday season?

I can definitely say that I am. So sick, actually, that I went psychosomatic and got insanely ill on Friday. I was working a private party, by myself, and all of a sudden couldn't stand up straight, breathe correctly, or hold any food down. Wonderful. This is exactly what I need with a bunch of snooty rich people sitting at a table five feet away from me. So after four and a half hours of dry heaving behind the bar, I finally get someone to cover me and drive to Lacy's house. This girl can always manage to make me feel better. We watched some of the second Kill Bill movie, then she had to go to work, but her mom was nice enough to let me stay on their couch while she was gone. She took my temperature, too...100, which is a lot for me, considering my normal body temp is about 96...and I then understood why I felt like shit. I watched SLC Punk on their big-ass TV, and cried like a bitch at the end of the movie (did I mention I am the sappiest, most pathetic motherfucker when I'm sick? Yeah.), then wound up passing out on the couch until Lacy came home at some ungodly hour from work and woke me up. Never have I been happier to see her. She took me upstairs and together, we broke my fever with some effort. I hope to be sick again soon. Yesterday I woke up feeling alright, if not a little weak; she took me out to breakfast and I ate for the first time in two days...eggs benedict seemed the way to go. I am cured.

Today I have to work a party. Again. At least it starts early and although I have to come in an hour earlier than usual, it should be over early and I may actually get out in time for The Sopranos. Not that I watch it anymore, but still...you get the picture.

I still haven't done any shopping. Ask me if I care.

They're calling for snow tonight. Bets are currently being thrown down on what time I'm going to have to leave to get to work at 10:30 tomorrow. Jamaica is looking mighty nice right about now...